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Closing The Deal Tips - Successful Closing

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Closing The Deal Tips - Successful Closing
Successful Closing

Successful closing starts in the mind and in the manner of the salesperson. Why do salespeople fail in their closing attempt? Reasons include:

Guilt Feelings: Selling an inferior product or bad back-up service can lead to guilt feelings. Unless the problem can be corrected, the salesperson may have to switch the emphasis to a product in which he or she has more confidence. You must believe in the products you sell to maximise sales effectiveness.

The Fear of Closing: The fear of rejection looms large in many salesperson's minds. You start to become a professional when you recognise that closing is a normal and natural step in the selling sequence. The fears will go away if and when you start to believe in yourself, your products or services, your company and the benefits the prospect will enjoy after buying. The more knowledge and skills you have, the higher the level of confidence and the better equipped you will be to overcome closing fears.

Lack of Skills: Sometimes the salesperson chooses the wrong time to close or talks too much after a sale has been virtually assured. For those who are skilled at the other parts of the sales process, learning to make an effective close is fairly simple.

The Firm Commitment: Closing is the logical final step in the selling sequence. If you help your prospects to realise and analyse their problems and identify their needs an wants, the decision to go ahead should be obvious. If the presentation is effective and all objections are handled, the close comes easily and naturally.

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